Your loyalty and purchases are rewarded with fantastic free goodies!


What does that mean?


Every euro you spend converts into a reward credit point. Once you have enough points you can simply use them to purchase the goodies we have here for you (click link). We are constantly adding products and thinking of new ideas of how to reward our customers, so make sure you take time to browse our list (and check back on it).


How does it work?


To use your points go to the Rewards Category, pick whatever you want to order, add the products to your basket and continue the check out process as normal.


IMPORTANT: An individual order needs to be created when using up reward points. Please don’t mix actual products and rewards in the same order, create separate orders for cash products and separate orders for credit point products as well. Thank you.


Please feel free to contact us if you need any help. Call 01 4936511 or email